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Here at Canyougetpregnantfromprecu.com,we help to answer this question that has mixed answers and views regarding it. We are a team that is dedicated to helping you find all answers to your questions that trouble you about pre-cum and all matters relating to pregnancy. We provide you with comprehensive information by doing the ‘hard work’ of researching on all reports, medical experts’ views, books and electronic media and writing them down here in a way you can easily comprehend. Since information is constantly changing, be sure to get up to date researches or general news on pre-cum and pregnancy right here.

Our website is arranged in a systematic manner and with relatable titles to help you locate easily the information you require. Our website begins by informing you on the meaning of pre-cum, where it is secreted and its function during sexual intercourse to how the semen finds its way to the fallopian tube where fertilization takes place.

We know that the subject of pre-cum and pregnancy has raised many questions mainly because people have different views on this issue. We discuss their views an example being the withdrawing method, where a penis is withdrawn right before ejaculation. We provide you with disadvantages of such views or opinions. Our information is obtained from trusted sources like medical researchers, scientist and published journals and books to avoid misleading our reader.

The reader at the end stands to benefit by learning on safe means of birth control like the use of condoms that can prevent both sexually transmitted infections and also unwanted pregnancies.

We value our esteemed readers, and therefore you are free to can engage with us. Share with us your stories, questions, and suggestions on pre-cum and pregnancy. We plan on being the best page that deals with solving this and other question questions involving pre-cum and pregnancy.